Light Middle East 2018

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.


Introducing our Light Middle East design

In cooperation with SoNo architects, we've designed a one of a kind Intra lighting booth. Taking Dubai's finest architecture into cosideration, we've created a booth that does not only implies to Dubai's futuristic mindset, but also introduces the fexibility of Intra lighting's newest products.
The idea of this design concept was to create a lighting planetarium, a unique space inside the dome, that represent the variability of the night sky. Just as the position of the stars constantly changes, so do the light fixtures inside our Light middle East dome, giving our new luminaires the chance to be presented individually.
Presenting the stars of Light Middle East 2018

After launching numerous new products at this year's Light + Building, Intra lighting is now heading to Light Middle East with new products that gained the most attention in Frankfurt. These are the products we're presenting at Light Middle East 2018.



Tracker is made to track the fluid architecture and is by far our most adjustable trimless luminaire when it comes to shapes.
It’s a lifesaver for all those projects where you want to combine excellent lighting, modern decoration, and functionality of acoustic
They say it’s a thin line between elegance and confidence, but we say that there doesn't need to be any line at all, and have this all together. Thanks to its technological flexibility, Vitka is one of our most elegant luminaires, without even asking for the title.
Combining shapes and colors in an endless fusion of possibilities will lead you from simple and sophisticated, to a luminaire that lets your ideas fly. 
Wave allows you to express all the creativity you want. Using a quarter or an eighth of a circle and combining it with straight lines of Intra lighting’s luminaries Gyon, enables you to create something that’s completely unique.
Acusto features acoustic panels that provide excellent absorption of sounds, making the area not only quieter but also more private. Its speciality is MOSSwall®  panel that makes the luminaire not only unique but also adds a glimpse of nature to your space.
Unlike other luminaries which have their light source in the middle of the luminaire, luminaire Dawn hides its source under the edge and only reveals the soft uniform light, comparable to the morning dawn.
Let's stay in touch!
If you have any additional questions regarding our Light Middle east participation, please contact:

David Hewitt
Director at Intra lighting Middle East
(+971 502 426 911)
Moutaz Al Madhoun
Regional Sales Manager
(+971 556 767 114)
Meet Moutaz!
Moutaz is our regional sales manager, who will be joining you at Light Middle East. 
Moutaz is MBA holder, with long years of lighting expert and besides being an excellent coworker, he's a passionate photographer who loves communication creativity, positioning, and details. All of which can be helpful in developing our business target in ME. 
Say hello to David! 
David is Regional Director Middle East at Intra lighting.
You can meet him at Light Middle East and ask him everything you want to know about lighting, and if you're also into sports, you have already a lot in common.“My favourite pastime is playing squash, just like in business you have to think and act fast to beat your competition. Understanding your competition and reacting quickly always gives you an advantage.” That's so true! 
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