Prestigious Awards

Notable recognition by the prestigious Good design Chicago Awards


PRO Optics
Brings out colour and creates
contrast in the ambient.
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24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°
To top off 2018 with achievements, we're proudly announcing that our products received notable recognition by the prestigious Good design Chicago Awards.
about good design chicago
Most recognized program for design excellence.

The Good design Chicago is the world's oldest and most recognized program for design excellence and design innovation worldwide since 1950. The esteemed award honoring contemporary design of both products and industry leaders is given out yearly, this time in New York.


Equipped with varieties, Biba gives endless possibilities to a simple and sophisticated luminaire that lets your ideas fly. On top of its design, its pleasant light comes from the glare-free regressed optics.
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Dawn hides its luminaire source under the edge and only reveals the soft uniform light, comparable to the morning dawn. 
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Futon gives its best when improving speech audibility, and creates an appealing ambiance, thanks to the light source that illuminates the acoustic fabric.
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Its simplistic color scheme, a see-through plate combined with its thinness makes Skyler a true designer’s piece. The ratio of indirect and direct lighting make you experience both spaciousness and the high-quality office lighting without any glare.
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