Vitka doesn’t need to hang out next to thick luminaries just to look thin
Design: Janez Mesarič - Mashoni

They say it’s a thin line between elegance and confidence, but we say that there doesn't need to be any line at all, you can have this all together. Thanks to its application flexibility and lighting control, Vitka is one of our top notch ambient luminaires.

Discover the variety of Vitka’s applications when you’re creating an office, reception area, hospitality facilities or at home, and prepare for a big surprise from such a small luminaire.

Thin and elegant
7 models
Vitka Table
Dim switch
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Vitka Floor
''Vitka is a design that should be discussed in terms of both light and lighting. Its beautiful lines are sculptural, while the light that illuminates the walls adds colour to its space. The luminaire keeps the style but changes purpose.''

- Jury Evaluation
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