Beauty comes in
all shapes and sizes.
Design: Janez Mesarič, Mashoni

Mix and match your favorite combination of five different shapes and trendy color range
to create something that fits your wishes like
a glove. Finest materials, green technologies, and sophisticated production reflect in top-notch design and give this decorative element a chance to create an ambient of your dreams.

Whether you are planning a home, a restaurant,
a hotel or a store, Zoe finds its place in minimalistic,
Scandinavian and urban interiors and turns it into something truly beautiful.

Elegant as a suit. Detailed as a tie
Carefully chosen shapes for timeless composition in your space.
Creative and accessible
Create an eye-catching element
or blend it in discretely. 
Dynamic composition 
Turning minimalistic and urban interior
to a welcoming space, thanks to the
dynamic composition of lights. 
24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°
PRO Optics
Brings out colour and creates
contrast in the ambient.
Learn more about active cooling
24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°
Linear pattern
Match your favorite shape into a linear
pattern and make it suitable for hotel receptions, home decor, restaurant,
hotel or a store. Express your creativity,
leave your mark. 
Playful highlights 
Carefully chosen colors for the best highlights in space. Other color options
are available on request, but minimum required quantity must be met*.
*The interior color selection will affect the light output. 
Attention to details
Zoe boasts seamless joints either between two shapes but also between the power cable and the luminaire itself.
Internal colour finish
Match or enhance your interior design with
an internal funnel of a different colour.
By default, it comes in the same colour as the
bottom part of the luminaire. While you can
also choose between the white or gold colour

*Please note that internal color can affect actual light intensity.
24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°
and additional options on request
Ceiling cup
Comes in the same color finish as the luminaire
or on request in white or black color*.
*Drivers must be ordered separately. It's possible to position FO driver (150 mA) inside the ceiling cup.
Flat ceiling cup*
Flat ceiling cup is available on
request in black or white color.

*Driver must be ordered separately.
Suspension cable type
Supplied with 1,5 m perfectly straight
adjustable wire suspension in black.
Different power cable colors available
on request.
See tech specs
See tech specs
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