500 lux is just the base for a great working
Design: Gigodesign

Success comes with a connected team and 
the right collaboration. Lighting can improve 
the well-being and contribute to a pleasant 
working environment, reaching high visual 
comfort, glare control, and efficiency.

The illuminated surfaces enable the perception of brightness. With the direct-indirect illumination, high uniformity is obtained, resulting in outstanding comfort
in the office.


He was born ready!

With its high visual comfort, glare control and maximum efficiency Taro is ready to conquer every office task. It's high uniformity results in outstanding comfort that creates a pleasant working environment.
You should feel good. Wherever you are!
Spending time at the office shouldn’t be about counting minutes to get home. It should be about feeling good in a space, where you spend most of your weekly hours.
Farewell, headache!
Because of glare control in the luminaire,
Taro creates a pleasant lighting atmosphere
and a perfect buddy for a late hour work.

High visual comfort

Choose the optics that fits your needs. Microprasmatic diffuser (MPR) when you need smooth and glare-free illumination,
or satin opal diffuser (SOP) when all you need is a quality general illumination.
SOP optics
MPR optics

Turned on when
you're around!

IQ sensor automatically dims the luminaire depending on the amount of general light available in the space. Presence detector
automatically switches the luminaire on
and off, depending on the presence of people in the workstation.
See tech specs
See tech specs
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