Meet designers we work with

Ideas are born from love.

Still, it takes a lot more than love to create a game changer. A form has to match its function. Every detail has to be taught out. We co-operate with many brilliant designers from all over the world to create excellent luminaires and unique lighting experiences. We are exceeding the known. 

ALPP Studio
ALPP Studio was founded in 2017 when the two designers Carol Groenewegen and Frans van Hooijdonk decided that their friendship for over 15 years had to be celebrated in an cooperation between their both companies. Carol is running his own office for architecture, 3TO architecten Groenewegen and Frans runs his Lighting design studio, Frans van Hooijdonk Lichtontwerp. Together they have worked on several projects in which they tried to integrate artificial light in the architecture with the least visible impact of lighting fixtures.
Bojan Klančar
Bojan Klančar is a Slovenian designer behind luminaires Nitor, Narro, and Miva. His field of creation is focused on industrial and graphic design, as in the past he has cooperated with various foreign and Slovenian companies of different industries. In his 20-year career has received several awards and recognitions, among others Bojan Klančar was also proclaimed ‘Designer of the year 2003’ and also received a Red Dot award in 2012.
Gigodesign is a design agency from Ljubljana that provides integrated design services ranging from product and graphic design to digital solutions, design research, and design management consultancy. With their feeling for design, they’ve created several luminaires, and an awarded Hunter luminaire is among them. Hunter was awarded good design award 2016, which is known as one of the most important international competitions in the field of design
24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°
Janez Mesarič, Mashoni
Janez Mesarič is a designer behind Intra lighting’s luminaire Zoe and Skyler. After completing a degree in industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, he worked for several years as an independent industrial designer. His work has been exhibited in numerous international exhibitions, featured in many major design publications and newspapers including Domus, Wallpaper, I.D. Magazine, etc and has been internationally recognized and awarded several prizes. He founded his own design studio Mashoni in 2014.
Lorenzo Truant
Lorenzo Truant is an Italian designer and a mastermind behind Intra lighting’s luminaires Futon and Down. He graduated in Architecture at Venice University, and after obtaining his degree and a master in Product Design, he worked as an Art Director in an important lighting company for more than 10 years. His lighting designs explore all the possible implications of LED technology without forgetting the symbolical aspect of project development.
Mark Elliot
Mark Elliot is an internationally awarded lighting design consultant based in Australia and a designer behind Intra lighting’s luminaires Cove and Edge. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Mark is recognized as a leader in his field; having worked with world leading architects and designers, including a number of Pritzker Prize-winning architects on benchmark projects across sectors including transport, retail, workspace, heritage, residential and hospitality.
Mats Thorén & Lars Bylund
Barchitect SAR Mats Thorén & lighting designer and a professor Lars Bylund are the creators behind Intra lighting’s luminaire Fyo. They have been collaborating since 1985 and ever since designed a number of innovative and functional lighting solutions. Mats and Lars believe their specialty in lighting is the understandings they have for their customers, as their product is always created by a specific need in architecture. What is more, they believe that in a world of more and more complex buildings and lighting solutions, teamwork is a necessity that generates the best solutions.
Serge & Robert Cornelissen
Starting his career as a graduate architect in 1993, Serge Cornelissen's approach to lighting product design has continued to demonstrate a particular love for architecture, visible in the sense of proportion and detail of every design.The bureau's philosophy is that the field of architectural lighting is just as diverse as architecture itself, and for this reason, their designs have been taken into production by trendsetting lighting companies worldwide and are regularly rewarded by international design awards.
Studio Miklavc
Studio Miklavc specializes in product design, visual communication design, service design, brand development and consulting. By thinking strategically the studio aims to give added value to each of its projects. Studio Miklavc’s clients value the uncompromising professionalism, relentless innovativeness and fanatic dedication to the projects. Their products are successfully sold all over the world for almost two decades and received several highest international design awards.
24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°
Wilsonic design
Highly-awarded Wilsonic Design studio designed Intra lighting’s new luminaire Biba. This design studio is a specialist in new product design development and had already received several design awards for their work, Red dot award among them. Their design team works side by side with engineers which help to eliminate surprises related to technical limitations that could occur later.