Product Availability

For products not yet available, you may check their soonest availability in the table below.

PRO Optics
Brings out colour and creates
contrast in the ambient.
Learn more about active cooling
24°, 28°, 36°, 38°, 40°, 60°, 62°
At the same time, this information can be found on the 'product configure page' of each product in the black banner in its footer (see picture).








Product range Order start

Vitka S, F

Vitka TA, SQ, FQ


end of April 19

Mocca Available
Kalis - new version RV, C/S, SDI, W, WDI May 19
Kalis - new version RI May 19
Random May 19
Hexagon - version S, SDI April 19
Hexagon - version Mesh May 19
Gyon - new version RV, C/S, SDI May19
Gyon - new version RI June 19
Wave (line) - current version Available
Wave (line) - new version May 19
Tracker LR, LN versions June 19
Tracker UD version, RI installation tool July 19
Sword - new version May 19
Fyo - new version Available
Pipes RV 80, RVS 65/89/115 Available
Pipes RI 60/100/133 F Available

Pipes RI 80 F

Pipes RI 100 A

June 19

July 19

Pipes C 45 A Available
New COB options Pipes R 60/80 - Dim to warm August 19
New COB options Pipes/Hunter - Tunable white May 19
New COB options Pipes/Hunter - Clear white Available
New COB options Pipes/Hunter - Plant white Available
Cub Available
Nitor - version without CG box Available
Narro - version without CG box Available
Nola Available
Nucleo Available
Biba Available
Zoe Available
Dawn S 800 RF Available
Dawn S 600 RF Available
Dawn S 600/800 RD 250 Available
Dawn S 1000 RF/RD 250 May 19
Futon C/W acoustic Available
Futon S 600/1200 RF Available
Futon S 600/1200 RD 250 End of April 19
Futon W 600 mirror End of April 19
Futon RV 600/1200 May 19
Acousto - current version Available
Acousto - new version May 19
Wave round - current version Available
Wave round - new version May 19
Lona C 300 h65 End of April 19
Lona 600 h100 (C/S, CDI, SDI) May 19
Edge Available
Cove Available
Lineled - new LED strip & dimensions May 19
Lineled - RVP version May 19
Skyler Available
Demi SDI HMP Available
Medis Available
Sequal IP54 Available
Sequal IP65 Available
Haron T End of April 19
Haron SQ, L End of April 19



Last update: 10.4.2019