Customer Advisory on COVID-19

Please, follow the updates.

25 March 2020

Customer information

Some of the delivery times will probably be extended

While respecting the necessary social distancing precautions, Intra lighting continues with its operations. We've still not been forced to stop the production, but unfortunately, our supply chain is also suffering the consequences of this situation and our standard delivery times are negatively impacted.

Therefore, as of Monday, the 6th of April 2020, the delivery times for some already confirmed orders will probably need to be extended. We will do our best to prevent it and achieve the delivery on time. If this won't be possible and the delivery time will need to be extended, we'll inform you immediately.

For all new orders (from Tuesday, 24 March on) it will be almost impossible for us to respect our standard delivery times (from 4 to 5 weeks).

Our office staff continues to work remotely and you can still contact your Area Manager or our Customer care department for any information you might need.


23 March 2020

Message from Leadership

We have never been so apart from each other. But on the other hand, maybe we have also never been so united and connected. We've all joined forces for the same reason. And that's why we believe that sooner or later things will start to get better.
Our thoughts go to anyone who has been impacted by the virus in one way or another. And of course to all of you who day by day try to do your best from your home offices with the awareness that we can't give up. That life has to go on. Our employees will also work remotely for as long as necessary.
We are glad that we've still not been forced to close the production down. Believe us, all our workers are completely safe, since we respect all the precautions more than 100 %.

Can't wait to see you live, to shake your hand, hug you and laugh together. Let's stay strong, positive and calm.

Marjeta and Marino Furlan

17 March 2020

As the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, we reduced our presence in the office to minimum and implemented work from home wherever possible. Our production continues its working activities fully respecting all the necessary precautions. We are covered with all the necessary material and able to guarantee all supplies. Further decisions will be taken depending on the development of the situation and related risks.

13 March 2020

We are glad to inform you that our production is still not affected due to the Coronavirus situation.
All the components are still available, and the production is going on according to plans and confirmed delivery times.

Due to selective border controls, there are only longer waiting times for trucks at the border stations.

We are working with precautionary measures in place for the health of workers.