The Stožice Sports Park in Ljubljana

August 2010

Size matters. This large sports park, long-awaited in Ljubljana, surpasses the needs of the city. Its size and diversity called for carefully planned and inventive lighting. Architectural and technical luminaires by Intra lighting met all the planners’ expectations.

Ljubljana’s Stožice Sports Park opened in August 2010; it is the largest Slovenian project ever built in a public-private partnership. The Slovenian capital gained an important urban centre with a surface area of 182,000 m², aimed at people with various interests and from all generations. The park comprises a football stadium for 16,000 viewers, a sports arena for 12,500 viewers, a large shopping centre and an extensive recreation park, all combined into a dynamic and unexpected whole by renowned Slovenian architects Sadar-Vuga. The football stadium is “submerged” beneath the park, with the roof over the seats above the park’s surface giving the impression of a monolithic crater. The sports arena is covered with a seashell-shaped dome and the underground shopping centre – still under construction – will be characterised by stairways and light shafts. This type of diverse architecture, letting plenty of natural light into underground buildings, undoubtedly presents a major challenge for the lighting supplier.

In accordance with the intended function of the buildings, an independent lighting concept was developed for each building. The primary lighting of the sports surfaces is determined using international sports organisation standards; for other spaces and surfaces, suitable functional or ambient lighting was chosen. In a large and diverse project such as this, light often has the function of guiding and directing visitors. In the buildings completed so far, the wide and diverse range of fine quality Intra lighting luminaires has allowed the lighting designers to implement the optimal solutions.

Intra lighting Luminaires in the Stožice Sports Park

6200 and black Niobas luminaires, hidden in the roof structure, were used on the stands. The concept demanded unobtrusive luminaires with only the light being visible. In the VIP boxes, point lighting was required, partly illuminating the roof structure and creating a dynamic feeling. Twing luminaires were used there.

The corridors are illuminated by 5700 luminaires, positioned in the shape of three-pointed and five-pointed stars. The simple shapes of the luminaires were thus used to create a special appearance. In some areas, cascade effects were used.

The Gyon lines were selected for the conference rooms, allowing the unified illumination of the entire space with unique style. The light intensity matches the purpose of the rooms (filming, etc.) and the lines emphasise the length and width of the space.

7400 luminaires were used for general illumination of the arena. The corridors are illuminated very effectively by grey Nitor luminaires, connected to the ceiling structure. The VIP boxes are illuminated in the same manner.

Functionality and economy were the main guidelines for the lighting concept here. 5700 - 2x49W, the chosen luminaire, is distinguished by its low energy consumption and a long service life.

Ljubljana Municipality
Area: 16 ha
Project team:

Architecture: Sadar+Vuga - Ljubljana, KSS Sports and Leisure - London
Landscaping: Ana Kučan, Luka Javornik – AKKA

Lighting: Intra lighting