Light+Building is a great fair.

So are the memories.

Thank you for being there and sharing this special experience.

Feel it again, watch the video or look for the photos.

The inspiration

"First, there was the LIGHT. Light is everything. Light is life and the Way. The light of the day breathes life into the MAN. And a human breathes life into a SPACE." This is how Jasna Kralj Pavlovec (Profesor, Faculty of Design) describes the core inspiration. "We perceive the space with all our senses on a physical, psychological and emotional level. Moving through the space makes for us possible to perceive it as a continuum of changing visual impressions, apparent growing and shrinking of objects, changes in LIGHT and contrast. Space without a man and without his emotional response is empty space, space without content."
The architecture
The basic idea conceived by the creators of the Intra lighting Pavilion was searching for LIGHT, what one may find by walking through and experience the Intra lighting's pavilion at Light + Building 2016. The facade is composed from black round bars, that acts monolithic, strong. The openings to the interior are illuminated and indicate the way toward the light, creating curiosity and inviting the visitor to enter in the exhibition space. Once in, the movement through the space is designed around the light, which is manifested centrally through the large dome in the center of the ceiling and represents the primary lighting of the room.

The scenography
The setting ups are just the traces, left by the man in the certain type of space… like a print of Intra lighting's personality, left on each and every product.

Architecture: SoNo Architects
Scenography: JAS_Jasna Kralj Pavlovec, Faculty of Design
Exposed products are designed by students of Faculty of Design