LED,the future of lighting

Like all economic activities lighting is also increasingly focused on developing sources that would reduce emissions and provide maximum efficiency at the minimum energy consumption. Light sources based on LED technology follow this trend. Led technology develops very fast and gets more and more important place in the field of lighting.

On Thursday, 9.10.2008 a presentation on LED technology was held in Intra studio in Ljubljana. We hosted two experts very aware of the importance of the LED technology: a recognized lecturer and light designer, professor Lars Bylund and the General Manager of Intra lighting Scandinavia, Mogens Lund. They presented the advantages of LED technology and its practical applicability in the contemporary architecture. They also tried to show the most probable future development of the lighting technology.



Professor Bylund
has, besides his teaching, carried out more than 2 500 lighting design projects around the world.

He has been engaged in designing lighting fixtures for several leading European manufacturers such as Fagerhult, Louis Poulsen, LUXO, Thorn and Intra Lighting. Among the late project designs the New Oslo Opera, the Oslo Airport Gardermoen, the Svinesund Bridge which is the tallest one span bridge in the world, currently the development of new LED lighting systems for the Stockholm Town Hall and the Old Stockholm City Library could be mentioned as well as the recently finished Mediahouse in Stavanger, Norway, where the general lighting basically are LEDs.

Professor Bylund is engaged in several research projects for various governmental bodies regarding lighting and energy use. He is also a member of expert committees within CIE and IEA. He has published a number of articles and books and presented papers at conferences such as  RIGHT LIGHT , Strategies in Light, Intertech,  US LIGHT FAIR  and IESNA.

Another topic where Professor Bylund is doing R&D is daylighting, at the moment developing daylighting sytems for underground space (Stockholm City Medival Museum), supermarkets (COOP) and for factories (IKEA Group).

Finally, Professor Bylund is also the Vice President of  EcoDigiCity organization  sponsored by the Finnish Government in order to develop a sustainable urbanisation - villages and towns - based on Nordic Ecological know how around the world.

Mogens Lund, General Manager of Intra lighting Scandinavia is involved in the lighting business since 1986.

He started his career as a Sales person in the Danish company Elteva Denmark and continued as a Sales Manager in Exactor in Sweden. Later he worked for the company Louis Poulsen Lighting in Denmark first as a Product Manager and was promoted to the Business Area Manager worldwide. Since 2006 he has been a General Manager of the Intra lighting Scandinavia. In his work he meets many important architects and light designers from whom he gains the experience and valuable knowledge of the importance of the lighting in architecture.