Integrated switchDIM function allows a direct connection of a push to make switch for dimming and switching. Brief push (< 0.6 s) switches ballast ON and OFF. The ballasts switch - ON at light level set at switch - OFF (Not in case of reset after mainsfailure – start at 100 %). When the push to make switch is held, PCA ballasts are dimmed. After repush the PCA is dimmed in the opposite direction.

In installations with PCAs with different dimming levels or opposite dimming directions (e.g. after a system extension), all PCAs can be synchronized to 50 % dimming level by a 10 s push. Use of push to make switch with indicator lamp is not permitted.

From single push-button you can control up to 25 digital DSI ballasts.

Switch DIM Brochure

Switch DIM technical data

Wiring diagram